The Interface


Welcome to the year 2200.

Mankind has now completely Interfaced. Direct connection to the Interface allows for maximum efficiency, but most of all, happiness for everyone. The mandatory small bronze triangles on every human’s forehead use wires embedded in the brain to vibrate and transmit frequencies- which in turn stimulate brain activity.

These frequencies and vibrations can be used for a myriad of applications: from redirecting cell tissue growth, to overriding natural brain functions, to inducing production of chemicals for cognitive well being and rehabilitation; the possibilities are endless. Simply put, the Interface allows every human to think faster, grow stronger, communicate at maximum efficiency, and be inherently taught how to be an excellent member of society.

The Great Interface War of 2150 began when the leaders from all nations gathered together, decreeing every human must Interface to advance mankind, or the penalty would be death. This law set off an irreversible chain of events that rocked the very foundations of life on Earth. Tensions had brewed for generations between the Interfaced and the Objectors who refused the process; It finally culminated in a nuclear war with the Objectors suffering extermination. Roughly 1/2 of the total human population was killed by the terrible destruction, and much of the habitable Earth was destroyed.

The true war had only just begun, for evolution had it’s own joke to play in what transpired next. The Interface had won the war, but In the midst of all of man kinds newfound ability towards programming himself to be stronger and faster, a new metamorphosis of human arose from the chaos.

The Throwers.

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The Interface is an intricately woven cyberpunk thriller that will go great on your list of upcoming fiction novels for 2019. Magic, mind control, paranoia, hallucinations; all are included in these semi realistic cyberpunk thrillers from author Nate Quick.

Who could truly know or predict what type of side effects come from plugging your consciousness into a computer?



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