The Interface (Rough Draft) The Throwers

Chapter 5: Optimal Chemical Balance

Like usual, Adrian woke up with a sick nausea that sat in his stomach like a stone. It didn’t help things that he had wasted an entire day yesterday, the guilt of that ate at him too. He ran through his morning routine of getting ready, then successfully tuned out most of the words from the morning address again. He was looking forward to hanging out with Icar today, surely it would make for a…

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The Throwers

What is The Interface?

Here is a video explaining what the upcoming Cyberpunk fantasy book The Interface is about, directly from the author Nate Quick. Thanks for watching! Book One of The Throwers series: The Interface Releases November 1st! It is my personal goal to someday become a best selling author. With your help, that dream can be a reality. You can help by signing up to the email list below, and following us on your favorite social media!…

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